What's all this talk about a "Lab Squid" ?!!

Don't recall the Lab Squid? That's ok - we're all getting old. Or perhaps, you were one of the few that rose above such a demeaning designation and actually knew to refuse pipetting primary effluent by mouth, despite Dr. Jeris' request.

Anyway, the story goes like this. The nom de guerre of the lab assistants was the "Lab Guru" for the more experienced second year student, a play on the traditional "Lab Rat" term. However, for the apprentice Lab Guru-to-be, retreiver of the aforementioned primary effluent, diluter of caustic liquids, and nuturer of the activated sludge bugi, "Lab Rat" seemed to lofty a label. Instead, unworthy of bearing the priviledge of resembling a rodent, he or she was christened "Lab Squid" for the duration of first year training. Only upon the successful graduation to the second year of the program may a Squid shed his or her name an elevate to the honor of Guru.

But that was just a formality. For the everyday visitor of the lab, we were all just a bunch of squids, hoping to graduate and make a living.